Friday, July 29, 2011

Creeping Around the Track...

Today, I walked 10 laps around the track in 15 minutes.

::the crowd goes wild::

Haha, this is actually an accomplishment! When I got out of the hospital, I was a mess. I was in a wheelchair for Garrett's funeral on June 11. I couldn't stand for long periods of time. Heck, I couldn't even sit for long periods of time. It's only been about two weeks since I could sit and play through two Warcraft dungeons in a row (yes, yes, I know, I'm a nerd and I'm totally cool with it).

I am so incredibly thankful for all the people who brought food, cleaned, and ran errands for me when I was struggling back to (the new) normal. Our friends taking care of so much is the reason I could take it easy long enough to avoid relapsing. I still have to rest a lot, otherwise I do have minor setbacks, but I can now do almost all my part of the house work and run errands without much help

Back to the gym, though. I started walking two weeks ago. Like I said, I'm up to 10 laps in 15 minutes. I get passed by old people all. the. time. It's mildly embarrassing. I keep wanting to put a sign on my back that says, like, rehab, or something! But, as long as I keep improving, I can take the ego bashing.

I'm also doing some joint mobility routines to keep the kinks out and increase my range of motion slowly. And there's this post-partum core routine I am working through that you can find here. There's so little good information out there about healthy post-partum exercise that I've tried to pass that link on to anyone who is interested. Not many are, but a few nice friends humor me.

I thought about heading over to aikido tomorrow to do the warmup but decided against it. I thought it might be a little depressing to only be there half an hour and I don't want to be tempted to overdo. Too, it might be better to wait until after next week. I have an appointment with a general surgeon to schedule a hernia repair. I figure it might be best to keep any exercise fairly gentle not only to avoid over-exertion, but also to avoid exacerbating anything weird going on with my abdominal muscles. So we'll see what he says next week. In the meantime, I'll be walking around the track, trying not to sigh every time Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa pass me by.

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