Thursday, October 6, 2011

All the Questions a Little Miss Can Ask in the 20 Minutes After She Awakes...

Is baby Garrett still in Heaven?

Can I bring him a blanket because he is cold?

Was I in heaven before I was born?

Where is heaven?

Can we visit?

We still can't skype baby Garrett?

Is God holding baby Garrett?

Can we have another baby?

Can I have a picture of baby Garrett?

Is his marker like my marker and can I put it in the shadow box? (she heard us talking about the grave marker, she's thinking a crayola marker)

Can I show his picture to my teacher?

Can I carry baby Garrett's cloth (a bunny burp cloth that was supposed to be his) to school and show it to my teacher?

Can I sleep with baby Garrett's cloth?

Why can't I visit baby Garrett in Heaven?

Can he come see me?

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