Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first photography job! Kind of.

I'm still fighting off this sinus thing. I really should have gone to the doctor last week but I had no idea it would linger this long. I've been really tired and the things I have queued up to write about need more attention that my tired, medicated self can provide right now! So I guess I will do some project updating. I posted a to-do list a couple weeks ago. I've actually gotten quite a bit of it completed even while not feeling well! As soon as I wrap up cleaning out the pink room and I get the now-painted vent cover hung, I can start making my playroom curtains! This is the fabric I bought. I just need to get some liner because it's a little thinner than I was expecting.

I've found that almost everyone has a hard time imagining this fabric as curtains. I couldn't find someone who made some with this color, but here's an example of lighter blue chevron curtains.

Anyway, that's a future project. One unexpected project that turned out unbelievably well was a little out of the blue. Lainey (Mike's mom) had asked me to make some postcards for her friend Cheri. Cheri is the one who helped decorate our house last year as part of a trade for me to make her daughter some art show invitations and business cards. She also decorates Lainey's house and did the flowers for Donnie and Liz's wedding. I went up to her new shop and took some photos. I don't have a wide angle lens so I couldn't do, say, a whole Christmas tree. So I had to be kind of creative with what I photographed.

The above photo was the best but it looked too much like a dentist office Christmas card, ha! I liked this one, too, but if you look on the right, the light is just so bright. If I used it, I would have gone back and photographed it with the drape over the window, I think. The garland that this is on is gorgeous but so intricate that I think it would have been overwhelming on a postcard.

This is the one we chose to use. I'm secretly glad because when I was taking the picture, I knew I was going to love it. There was another spot I loved but the picture ended up being really, really brown because it was all wood and greenery. This just had pop. I wrote the shop's name in the top corner and tweaked the photo a little to make it look a touch warmer and called it a day.

Here's the little display where I found this lantern. I scrunched myself on a table in the corner by the window to get the angle and shoved the tree back until it sat in the background just right. I know Cheri thought I was crazy.

The postcard was to announce her extended holiday hours and I put all that on the back. I also tried to emphasize that her shop isn't "just" a florist's place.

I guess it turned out well because my mom didn't believe I really did it all myself and Cathy was so excited she gave me a hug, hahaha. How cool is that? I had a really good time doing this postcard and I'm pretty proud of myself!

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