Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fitness Update!

Sound the horns! I am so excited, everyone. Although this isn't the end of my journey back to health by any stretch, I did hit a pretty great landmark this week: my last regular session with Jonna. I definitely still want to meet with her in the future for maintenance but when this series of meetings ended, it just felt like this was the right time for me to transition to working out on my own. I am so incredibly grateful to her for her patience, wisdom about what would strengthen me without injuring me, and her ability to teach rather than simply train. I know more about how to work out to achieve my goals than I ever did before.

And I have proof that she and I have been working hard! Let's see my before and after photos! On this first one, I ended up using the photo from October instead of the one from September. It was just a better photo. I don't know what I was thinking when I took that first one. It was awful, all blurry and crooked.

Before: 121 pounds
After: 108 pounds
Difference: 13 pounds

Smallest part of the waist
Before: 29.25"
After: 28.5"
Difference: .75"

Waist at the navel
Before: 32"
After: 31"
Difference: 1"

Before: 37"
After: 35.5"
Difference: 1.5"

Before: 21"
After: 20.5"
Difference: .5"

Before: 11.5"
After: 10.25"
Difference: 1.25"

Ok, the one that shocked me? The bicep. I had no idea I lost so much arm girth. The hip and waist measurements surprised me a little bit, mainly because I am now wearing pants I couldn't even get past my knees before but maybe an inch here and there is more than I give it credit for? Oh well! As long as I can wear a good chunk of my old wardrobe! The second I could wear more than one pair of jeans, I got rid of everything that was too big or even reminded me of being pregnant or sick. So cathartic.

The biggest difference I see here is in my posture. I didn't have enough core strength to hold my back correctly in the before picture which is, by the way, the one from September. One other thing I ought to mention...I am really, really cold. I have been wearing a hat and two layers all day. I didn't even want to take the hat off for this photos, ha.

This picture from the fourth of July is one of the first clear photos I have of myself post hospital. I was still creeping around and having to lay down a lot. Being able to fit in clothes is great, but I think that Mike and I are happiest about how much healthier I look now. No more sick/transfusion/blood pressure/medication/bed rest bloat. No more terrible skin and greasy hair. I'm me again when I look in the mirror.

Number of chins: 1. Sweet! I'm not necessarily trying to lose more weight from this point on, although there is a pair of pants and a dress I'd like to fit into again. Mainly I'm trying to increase my strength and stamina so I can get back on the path to black belt. I felt pretty rickety today doing ukemi (falling) but throwing people seemed to feel fairly solid.

That being said...I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me through what I suspect was the hardest part of my physical recovery. Seven months, friends, and I can see the light at the end of my health tunnel.

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