Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Into the Sunset

Road trips are the new "hardest thing," I think.

The weekend before Garrett passed away, we went to Florida for a beach trip. We rode down with Mike's family, in a full car, joking about how we were going to cram everyone in next time with two car seats and a whole lot of adults.

But when Next Time rolled around, we were still the same group in September as we were in May. And the whole way I could feel that space where Garrett should have been.

I think that...feeling...the one where I can sense his car seat next to Autumn's fades a little with every road trip. But because we don't do it often compared to, say, how many days I have woken up to only one little one instead of two it goes more slowly.

once upon a time. toes in the sand. a heart filled with hope.

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