Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't call it a comeback?

I had a fantastic weekend.

I spent most of the week pretty under the weather. I had a terrible sinus infection which resulted in my first sinus cocktail shot. IT WAS GLORIOUS. But I couldn't sleep for some reason, even with benedryl. The cough medicine with codeine the doctor gave me was a disaster. I took it on Wednesday night and spent the next 7 or 8 hours twitching like a crazy person, wide awake but so wired that I couldn't actually accomplish anything. It was pretty funny, for real.

So, I was a little worried about this weekend. I planned to attend a seminar with Sensei Richard Price on Tactical Application of Aikido for Law Enforcement. Seminars are notoriously harcore and I also wanted to do well because this weekend is the first time I've really gotten to train with the folks at Midsouth Aikido and the Aikido World Alliance. I wanted to do well for myself and for Stephan, who wasn't able to attend. Plus I just love this kind of thing. Practical application? I'm alllll over that.

I did not leave disappointed. At all. I had an absolutely fantastic time. I've done a law enforcement seminar or two in the past and have always wanted to go to one with an aiki focus. I enjoyed getting to see how the things I've learned over the years work in "real life" and found that even with the new movements, I could pick them up reasonably quickly because of all the principles that are ingrained in my body. And, on a similar note, I also liked seeing how to teach the information quickly and to people who might not have any martial arts background.

And on a more all around fitness note, I am so encouraged. I didn't have to short any techniques, step out of any sessions, or ask people to go easy on me which I think means that...I'm back! I still, of course, have to work on a few technique-y things to get back on track and I do want to get a little more core stability but I'm definitely not working injured anymore.

The video above is from the seminar. I'm at the end for just a moment. They filmed me doing a control and walking the instructor off the mat but didn't show it, awwwwww, too bad! I do wish I had video of myself doing these awesome pinkie controls...SO COOL.

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