Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cosmetic Changes, All Around

My new hair cut!! I really like it because I can wear it a lot of different ways. This is one way. Another is slicked back and yet another is all shaggy and flippy. The latter is not Mike's favorite, haha, but I like it because it's funky. My mom's trying to talk me into dying my hair and I'm thinking about it...

I've also been doing THIS:

I've mentioned before how crazy our house has been since we bought it. The yard is just as bad. I've been trimming bushes for the last 2 or 3 weeks and I was back at it again this week, working on hedges and the way, way overgrown bush above. I have kind of tamed the front yard so I'm about to start working on the wilderness in the back yard.

Don't get me wrong, our yard is incredible and is part of the reason we wanted this house. I think we just didn't realize how much work it would be. But, it's worth it because of some of the gems we have around. For example, I always wanted a Japanese maple and we have three. I love this gorgeous red one. Mike's favorite is a big green one in the back.

And even though the azaleas are in dire need of pruning (which I'll do once they are done flowering), they are just ridiculously beautiful. So I'm really thankful for the yard to work in.

However, I still spent a good chunk of this week muttering to myself about how we let things get so bad UNTIL I REALIZED...the reason not much got done is I was either pregnant and not really able to help much (during the spring) or sick and not able to do much (during the summer). Mike was busy doing the house work I couldn't do so...he didn't get to do anything other than mow. I stopped muttering and spent the rest of the time being thankful that I'm able to do stuff like wield yard power tools. Seriously, to put into perspective how much healthier I am, look at this:

April 2011--the azaleas bloomed really early this year. But, really, how uncomfortable do I look? The acne, the greasy hair, the swelling. Man. And...oh my gosh, so funny...I was proofing this post when Mike came into the playroom and I told him to come look at the picture of me from a year ago. Autumn had to look, too, and goes:
"Who is that holding me?"
"Um, that's me, baby girl."
"Oh. Your face looks different."
ANYWAY, here we are today.

She's in pajamas, by the way, because she wasn't feeling well. I think she's developed a milk intolerance because she's been a little tummy sick lately. We're going to make a doctor trip to check it out and make sure.

All that to say, I'm just super thankful to be able to do mundane chores and generally help out around the house. Thank you all so much for praying for me and for us all this time.

Oh, and yard work isn't all I've been doing! I've got a sneak peek of some things I'll be putting in the shop this week!


Until then!

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