Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet stories and not so perky decor

(photo by lauren breeden)

Today I started putting out the spring/Easter stuff. I don't do a lot of seasonal decor but I try to do the dining room table and the small table in the living room. Last year was an EXPLOSION of PINK mainly because Cheri (I've mentioned her here before) did the decorating since we were hosting a shower for a friend right at the beginning of the season.

I started to set everything up exactly like she had it because, why not? But I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't expect Easter to be a holiday I felt particularly glum about but apparently it's going to be. So, I went all white in the dining room. I got out a tablecloth my mom crocheted, some white flowers in a clear bowl, and my lanterns. I'm not displeased with how it turned out. The hall table needs some work but I'm hoping my mom will give me some ideas tomorrow. I told Mike I wished I was a Cheri who could just toss something together and make it beautiful. :) I can't even crumple a runner like she does!!

Another reason I might be a little down is I overheard Autumn telling her little friend the sweetest, saddest story ever. I'm not sure what made her think of it, but as we were leaving the playground, Autumn chattered perkily:

Hey, me and mama and papa are gonna dopt a baby and I'm gonna be a big SISTER cause baby Garrett went to Heaven. He was in mama's tummy and her tummy was SO BIG but then he had to go to Heaven with Jesus.

And then she moved on. SHE IS SO SWEET. Sometimes I just want to squish her. In a good way. Last night we had another one of our "how did baby Garrett get to Heaven?" conversations. The new theory is that Jesus came down on a giant bird and flew him there. Seriously, I'm going to write that book someday.

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