Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seriousness and Silliness

Today we went to the Children's Museum (well, yesterday since it's after midnight as I'm writing) and Autumn spent a good hour and a half climbing this skyscraper thing that looks like an elaborate cat tree to me. She's never gotten in there before but today, wow, she rocked at climbing like a little monkey.

The funny thing is that ever since she was born, we would call Autumn "the little monkey" because, well, she looked like a monkey. It tickles us when she does monkey-esque things and, when we found out that we were expecting Garrett, we talked a lot about what kind of animal he would be. Or animals because, really, Autumn might also be part cat, haha. Did you know her first word was meow? Only a Colley...

Everyone already knows Mike and I are huge nerds so it shouldn't come as a shock that we like anime. One of our favorites is called Fruits Basket and there's an adorable little boy named Momiji in it and when a girl hugs him, he turns into a rabbit (I know, I know, but I's a great show and even better manga!). I used to always joke that if we had a little boy, I wanted him to be my little Momiji.

And then I found out: Garrett's birth year was going to be the year of the rabbit. It was on. He was totally going to be our little bunny. We had bunny bedding picked out. Lainey and Lindsay got a us a bunny lovey. We even had a little bunny hospital outfit.

Of course, none of that got to happen. We buried Garrett in his bunny outfit with his bunny lovey and I have the little bunny cloth that came with it, although Autumn carries it around sometimes which is sweet. I got a duplicate bunny for Garrett's shadow box. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that we could put a bunny on his stone, though. I can't remember how it came up but the people we ordered it from actually sent Mike several images that weren't on their site--they were just above and beyond.

So Monday, we officially turned in all of our paperwork for the adoption. The above photo is from Monday--I think there must have been a funeral because the flowers lainey left were gone and that huge arrangement was there. :( I prayed for those parents. Anyway, I went there with Christy before dropping off the folder at the adoption agency because she didn't get to come to the funeral and wanted to see the spot. It's strange because many years ago after a storm, we were at the cemetery for some reason. Maybe we were scoping out the place for my and Mike's engagement pictures? We spent some time cleaning up the baby area. I asked her if she ever dreamed we'd be back here, visiting one of our babies. Life, it's crazy.

There's still a lot to do--parent training, book reading, interviews, making the scrap book. But I'm getting cautiously excited. We're talking about what animal our new little one might be. Maybe a roly poly bear? A sad panda like Mike is sometimes? I don't know. But I look forward to finding out!


  1. I remember that baby picture of Autumn! She has grown so much and so fast.

    Garrett's stone is beautiful.

    Looking forward to the next steps of your adoption!

  2. Garrett's stone is awesome, at least as those things go. I was wondering what was up with the flowers, so I'm glad you explained. It's so sad to know that someone else has to go through all that. Heartbreaking, really.

    Autumn looks nothing like her birth picture. Landon looks surprisingly like his. I guess we'll have to roll the dice and see what the future holds.

    Lions and tigers and bears: oh my!