Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goal met and exceeded: Thank you!!

We sold our 36th pair this morning!! And even better, it was to my friend Michelle who has been a wonderful friend for, gosh, how many years? At least 6 or 7. Time really flies! Michelle and I often talk about how much life has changed from the carefree days of when we had cupcake parties for no reason. She runs a blog called Hospital Mom and if you get a chance to stop by, definitely do so. I love the way Michelle shares her life with her two girls, one who is a walking miracle and fighter. I'm really hoping that once life settles for us both, we might be able to meet up because I haven't had a chance to meet Addy and Rosie, although I feel like I know them thanks to modern day technology! Thank you for your support, Michelle! And funny enough, when Autumn saw this picture, she thought it was me, haha. Isn't is crazy, too, how TINY Autumn used to be??

Now. If you look over at the sidebar, you will see that we have sold FORTY EIGHT pairs of flip flops!! I got a message from Penny that she had sold and collected the money for 12 pairs of flip flops at her work!! Can you believe that? I am just floored. I have a little special surprise planned for Penny--I'll be posting about that later. :) Thank you, Penny. There are no words for how much you've meant to us all these years.

And don't forget!! You have until 10pm to enter the free flip flop giveaway--no purchase necessary. Click here to enter.

The Personalized Organizing Utility Tote Giveaway ends tomorrow at 10pm and so does the Thirty-One Gifts sale! Click here to enter.

Visit any link in the right sidebar for details on how to buy Flip Flops and help us, as Mike said in his facebook link, "acquire a small bebe to raise into an awesome new Colley!" Ha!

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