Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Sunshine and Lemonade!

Our fundraiser was awesome and encouraging and exhausting!! We went on a short vacation with Mike's family at their condo in Florida so I decided to make it a vacation from everything, including blogging, haha! We had a great time and I'm probably going to post some photos from that soon.

I thought I'd go back and post a few more photos from Autumn's party! If you missed it in the fundraiser extravaganza of posting, you can click here to see that first post that showcased the printables. I had so much fun doing those! I'm going to put the party package on my etsy shop once things calm down.

Anyway, I mentioned before that this was a seriously inexpensive party, especially since we had over thirty people there. :) Once we start inviting Mike's family, it becomes an Event with a capital E. Because we had it in Mike's family's back yard, we didn't have to do a whole lot for decor or activities which definitely contributed to the low budget-ness. The kids just had a blast on the swing set back there.

I realize now that I could have not done any other activities but I think the kids and parents enjoyed what we did have. Penny and my mom did some face painting. That was fun and different! They did a great job.

As the kids came in, I had them design their own cups. This was a fun little project that the parents definitely liked better than the kids, hahaha. But it really worked out well because they had their own cups to drink out of and take home and I got to do my mason jars and paper straws for the grown ups! I didn't really count on it being 90 degrees in mid-May. We were able to get most of the activities in the shade but I didn't even THINK about the crayons--they melted into a huge mess in the bottom of the container that I have yet to brave cleaning.

The one thing I wouldn't bother doing again was the bubble art. The idea was pretty fun and I'd do it at a playdate but, really, for a party? Way too much potential for disaster!!

My brother in law Kyle brought some extra entertainment! He works at one of those spirit booster places and Autumn is just getting to the age that she can appreciate his prizes. I made them put away the torpedoes because they were an accident waiting to happen, haha. But this hamster ball thing? So much fun. I didn't get to roll around in it. :(

Here's Autumn in the hamster ball! And mermaid. Mermaid had to have a bath after this.

Moving on from activities, we served easy foods. Aside from the dessert and favor table, we had hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit, and chips and salsa. I've kind of moved away from making a whole lot of things like I used to back when I first started hosting parties regularly. I tend to do a lot of a few things these days.

I love this picture. Autumn had a hard time blowing out the candles so I told Josh he could help. We all laughed because he blew out the candles with a vengeance! Even Autumn was surprised and tickled.

Oh! And this is a close up of the A lindsay made for the door. How cute is this??

Planning this party was so. much. fun. I am glad Autumn decided on a random theme! But, more than that, it was wonderful to just be around people who love us and love Autumn. I snapped a few shots of people singing happy birthday and, seriously, looking at them it just hit me that our little girl is so loved. And I'm so thankful for that. :)

Happy times!

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  1. Freeze the crayon container. The mess should pop right out.