Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Fictional Fights and Taboos

There's an author I really like. His name is Patrick Rothfuss and I've only read most of his first book. It's crazy long so I had to return it to the library but I am going to pick it back up once I'm done with all this adoption reading. I read his blog, though, and I enjoy it. Actually, the moment I knew I loved this writer was when there was this book character cage match. I know, crazy, but they did brackets with different heroes and pit them against one another for the ultimate winner. In 2010, Rothfuss's character Kvothe fought Aslan of the Chronicles of Narnia. One cool thing about the cage match? Sometimes the authors would write their version of the fight. I thought Patrick Rothfuss's version of the battle between Kvothe and Aslan was downright lovely. Seriously, click here and read it and then come back. And watch for the mention of one of my favorite characters Harry Dresden. :)

I mention Patrick Rothfuss because on Mother's Day he wrote a post that touched me. This link will take you to it but the end, which I am going to paste here? This is why I started this blog. He started the post with a conversation he had with his son about his deceased mom and then goes into a conversation with a friend who lost someone dear. This is the ending:

*     *     *

“I can’t believe nobody ever talks about this,” she said. “I mean people have bad breakups, and you know how to handle it because you’ve heard about their breakups. But nobody talks about people dying. There’s no script for something like this.”

“It’s a real taboo,” I said. “Not one of the silly little play taboos like sex, things we aren’t supposed to talk about and we do anyway. Real taboos are things nobody even thinks of talking about.”

“Somebody should talk about them,” she said.

“Somebody should,” I agreed.

*     *     *

So here we are.

Generally speaking, when I think about something a lot, I write about it on the blog. Its one of the ways I figure out how I really feel about things. It helps me keep my head screwed on straight.
But the one exception has always been my mom.

I think about her all the time, but I rarely ever tell stories about her.

And you know what? That’s a f*** shame. Because my mom was awesome.

So we’re fixing that. Soon.

*     *     *

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