Sunday, June 3, 2012

Autumn has the joy...enough for all of us :)

Today started a little rough. Garrett's birthday would have been Wednesday so every day that gets closer to Wednesday, I feel a little funkier. But, I have to say, today ended up being a pretty good day! I'm so thankful for my family and friends, for real. We had a good time at church although I was kind of emotional during the music. We got to see most of our community group and enjoyed visiting them before they all head out on vacation. When we got home, I took a short nap while Mike and Autumn hung out some. It was SO SWEET. When I woke up, look what was under the door:

She "wrote" me a note and drew me a picture of Molly, Papa, me, and herself. :) After lunch, Penny surprised us by dropping by with some ridiculously sweet presents. She brought me a piece of chocolate cake which I ate too quickly to take a picture of, Autumn got cookies, and Mike got a bag of coffee. And she brought roses!

Could Penny be any more wonderful?? After we did some snacking and visiting, Penny and Autumn made some shoelace bracelets together from a kit Autumn got for her birthday. Autumn and I had put together one with Autumn's initials earlier this week so they did one for me and one for Penny.

Mine was a surprise so I uploaded pictures while they whispered and giggled about their design. Before Penny left, she watched Autumn ride her bike LIKE SUCH A BIG GIRL and then I went inside where Mike had this surprise for me:

Yes. He posted a picture on Facebook and this was the caption: "Being a male over the age of 35, I decided to check out the "dark socks 'n shorts" phenomenon. I must admit that I don't get it. Maybe I need a few more years?" Oh, man. He's crazy but he makes me smile.

The rest of the night wound up nicely. I read a book, did some more biking with Autumn, went to dinner with P'd, and, best of all, Autumn brushed my hair while singing "I've got the joy." I mean, really, who could be sad after that? The video above is of Autumn singing that song two years ago. I cannot believe how much she has grown up and, I confess, watching it, I feel a bit melancholy because she's growing up so fast! And because we won't get to she Garrett bouncing like a gas molecule and singing like a cartoon character. BUT, I am not going to make myself sad again. :) I will, instead, enjoy my little ma'am and the thought of Garrett singing praises in heaven...

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  1. When I was a little girl, the joy joy joy joy's got stuck in my head, too. :)