Saturday, June 23, 2012

More FF2A Fundraising and Our Profile Video!

It was so funny...Lainey went through the bank drive through with Autumn today and Autumn goes, "Lainey, are you going to adopt a new baby, too?" I was a little baffled at the connection but Lainey said it's because of the flip flop fundraising money I deposited over the last few weeks, hahaha. Funny girl.

Well, the Flip Flop 2 Adopt fundraiser was awesome and, seriously, the flip flops were more adorable in person than the literature let on. A number of people have mentioned wanting to buy a pair or two after seeing a friend's and everyone is in luck! The FF2A folks have just launched a new program where you can buy anything on their site and 10% of all sales will go towards our adoption by clicking this link or the FF2A picture in our right sidebar. In the shopping cart under fundraising group, choose Sh. Colley Adoption and then check out like normal!

The percentage is less than the percentage we received during the two week sale but there is a far greater range of items and prices available on Flip Flop 2 Adopt site. Plus the items ship straight to you so there won't be the wait for me to distribute the items.

So to recap:
1. Click here.
2. Shop.
3. In the shopping cart, choose the fundraising group Sh. Colley Adoption.
4. Checkout.
5. Enjoy your items!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

And, one more adoption related thing. I finished what might be our adoption video! I say might because our social worker has not seen it yet and she may recommend some changes. Let me know what you think, too, because I won't send it in until Monday. I have it unlisted for now but once it's finalized I'll make it searchable on YouTube. The video will be posted on the Bethany site along with our Dear Expectant Parent letter (I'll post that here sometime soon) and two other photos of our family.

Making the video and watching it was ridiculously bittersweet for Mike and me. Partly because of all the "should have beens" and partly because, holy cow, Autumn has grown up so much! I did a lot of praying before and during the editing of this video. I'm hoping I did a decent job of listening to any supernatural prompts. I tried to choose happy video clips and photos of us in a variety of situations. Finding the right Creative Commons music was tough but I like the track we ended up with--easy to listen to and kind of soothing. But, you tell me! Actually, tell me if you think the video needs captions, too!

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