Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Year Later, The Guest Posts: Cathy

Next in our guest post series, we have my friend Cathy or, as Autumn says, Aunt Caffey. We have known each other for, gosh, 14 years now? It's pretty incredible how quickly time goes by...we met when we were pretty much kids and now Cathy teaches Autumn in her pre-k class. I cried a little when I read what Cathy wrote because she also encourages me as I watch her become a warrior for her son. I love that we have been able to support each other through years of happiness and trials--some of which go hand in hand. Thank you, Cathy.

*    *    *

When Sharaze asked me if I wanted to add anything to her incredible blog, I immediately thought back to the time in my life when precious Garrett entered the world. My husband and I had just learned that our son was diagnosed with Autism and I felt like my little world had crashed in from all sides.

When we got the call from Mike that Sharaze was in critical condition and that Garrett had passed away I wondered how something so horrible could happen. I have to admit I was already asking God a lot of “why” questions, and that took the cake. I didn’t know how to face them, and I had no idea what I could say that would be of any help or comfort to them.

When I walked into Sharaze’s hospital room, instead of being the comforter, I was comforted. I can’t explain it, but it was if the very presence of God was in the room and I had such a peace just knowing that He was there. Seeing that Mike and Sharaze still trust and hope in God, still cling to His promises, has been a testimony that has helped me to remember that God has not abandoned me, and that He never abandoned them. Searching His word for hope, I’ve found that He doesn’t promise a perfect life, or one without pain, but He does promise that He will never leave us, that His mercy never changes, and that there will be a time when everything will be perfect, and there will be no more tears.

I still don’t understand why Mike, Sharaze, Autumn and everyone who cares for them have had to say good bye to Garrett for now, but I am thankful that those who love this precious family will see God’s grace and love shown through them as they walk this difficult road.

C.S. Lewis said that “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts to us in our pain: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world…”. I am thankful that God is so near and that He cares so deeply for us.

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