Friday, June 8, 2012

One Year Later, the Guest Posts: Penny

If you did a search for the name Penny on this blog, I am certain she'd have more results than almost any other person you can think to search for because barely a week goes by when we don't see each other. Anyone who can count Penny as a friend is incredibly blessed because they have someone who will always, always be there supporting, cheering and fighting for them. To tell you how "there" she's been for us: Penny is the person I called to stay with Autumn when I went to the hospital last year. I thought I'd only be there a couple hours but Penny ended up being with Autumn for over 7 hours and then immediately came to the hospital to check on us in person after Mike's parents took Autumn to their house.

Penny is Autumn's aunt and my sister, not by blood but certainly by love. Blood runs thicker than water? I don't think so. Not with Penny. She even calls my mom her "Filipino Mom" and tells people she's part filipina. Penny, it's hard to do anything for you because you're so busy doing things for us so let me say thank you here in a very public way. I am so happy you walked into the dojo and into my life back way back in 2004.

Penny and Autumn at Jerry's on June 4, 2011.

*     *     *
My year since Baby Garrett came into this world has been life changing. I have seen two people I love (Sharaze and Mike) go through a loss so deep but somehow manage to find strength and courage daily. They have helped me grow as a Christian by showing me how strong Faith can truly be. I am honored to call both of them my friend. I feel such a privilege to be part of their lives.

Autumn has shown such strength and has become such a big girl. I love it when she talks about her baby brother. She is always so sensitive and sincere. I know she will always hold a special place in her heart for Baby Garrett.

Baby G (what I like to call him) will forever be part of my life. I love him so much and miss him all the time. I often think about what he might look like today. I know he is in a special place in Heaven (only babies could be). One day I will meet him and it will be nice to hear him call me Aunt Penny.

Baby Garrett

One day we will all finally see,
Why your life was was so short and now you are free,

You are missed in so many ways each and every day,
There are no words to describe what we really want to say,

As we pass a pinwheel, we can feel secure,
Knowing God has you in His arms and is keeping you pure

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