Monday, June 4, 2012

Small fitness milestone

This is what I posted on Facebook tonight:

"Much to my embarrassment, I cried at the end of tbs tonight. I got kind of overwhelmed because 364 days ago, the doctors couldn't tell me if I was going to live. Tonight, I didn't do ANY pushups from my knees. How crazy is that? Thank you Mike, Stephan, Chuck, Jonna, Melissa, and Amy. Wouldn't be here without you."

Even better, one of the girls who keeps Autumn in the gym child care while Mike and I go to class ran out to meet me when we picked Autumn up. She's always super nice but I was floored when she handed me a twenty and told me she thought our fundraiser was a great thing. I am sure I was incoherent but I did get her email address and found out from the flip flop people that I can get her a pair from their stock. Sigh. Isn't it wonderful how the simplest things make the toughest times a little easier?

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