Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A 'What to Do Clip' from Glamour

Today I was going to do a post about my AWESOME NEW SHOES which sounds really silly but I promise it's not too silly, hahaha. But it's been so crazy that I haven't had a chance to take any photos or sit at the computer much.

But, before I forget, I thought I'd post this little magazine clip. The Faces of Loss Facebook group posted this scan from a recent Glamour and I thought it would fit in well with the What Not to Say Series, which I just noticed I never finished. There are also a couple of nice "do" tips that many of my sweet friends did and still do today. This clip is about miscarriage but it really covers any kind of loss from stillbirth/early infant loss to other losses through death--which by the way, I clarify because there are many, many types of loss. Any kind of loss of expectations is a loss that can often be like a death.

I think I've made the point in the past to avoid the phrase "I would just" and someone in the comments of this post on Facebook made the excellent point that "at least it was..." is also a bad choice. "I'm sorry you lost your diamond ring but at least it wasn't your diamond tiara!" I mean, really. Here's the clip:

From Glamour. Click to embiggen.

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