Friday, July 6, 2012

A Backyard Bash!

Whew! I made some fun party printables for a friend whose son is a July 4th baby but I told myself I couldn't post anything about it until I had the Sunshine and Lemonade printables listed in my Etsy Shop! And I finally did it. If you click here, you'll find the invitation only. If you click here, you can see the package that includes all the files for the banner, note cards, etc. Not only that, but I made a blog page with tips and supplies for diy printables! Let me know if you have any other suggestions and I'll add them to the page!

So! ::rubs hands together:: I get to show you my first invitation that isn't blatantly female!

I had so much fun doing this! My friend Elyse, who has showed up a number of times on this blog, wanted to have a backyard party for her now-four-year-old Micah. I offered to do a few printables for her as a gift because I've never done a party theme with a boy in mind. We didn't have time to mail the invitation but I made one anyway so I'd have something to base the printables off of and so I could sell the set eventually in my shop.

The first incarnation of the invitation started with this font.

But then I thought more about Elyse's description of the event: "a backyard party theme I'm calling the Backyard Birthday Bash! I'm imagining it being fair-like with games and food like corn-dogs and cotton candy and other food for adults, too." And I remembered the font I used for Mike's Father's Day gift. Add to it the Fourth of July and these palettes from ColourLovers and everything just fell into place.
Color by COLOURlovers
Color by COLOURlovers

I especially enjoyed putting together the banner and I love how it turned out! I'm not sure you can tell but the pennants alternate yellow striped and blue striped. The letters are red and in the carnival style font from the invitation.

Elyse planned some super fun games so I got to make game name cards to hang outside. By FAR the most popular game was Throw Marshmallows at Goliath. Seriously, I might have to make a cardboard giant and let my aikido kids throw bean bags at him!

Here's Autumn taking her turn. Not a bad looking follow-through, huh? That's Micah eating a marshmallow in the middle. :)

The last couple of things I made are in the same vein as the rest. The thank you stickers for the bags are basically small versions of the game signs. I love the stars Elyse added to the bag!

Actually, I like how the framing turned out on the game cards and the thank you stickers so much that I'll show you the close up. I'm always looking for good frame brushes so I broke down and bought one I've been eyeballing. It was only like $3 and I plan to use the heck out of it!

Oh--last but not least, note cards!

I have a few more things to make in order to sell this as a package, although I'll probably go ahead and list the invitation. I want to do return address labels, tent cards, patterned paper, basically the stuff that's in the Lemonade Package. I love this theme!! I can see it being used for all kinds of events from national holidays to carnival themed showers! I might make some other colorways available...any suggestions?

I hope you guys like this new party theme! I also hope you liked the tiny glimpse into my thought process. If anyone else is interested in custom party printables, definitely shoot me an email!

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