Monday, July 2, 2012

Chocolate and a Girls' Night: Bad Day Cure-All!

Mike and I had a really rough and emotional Friday morning for a number of reasons but it's amazing how God uses friends and family to really bring us up! Mike's dad was so sweet. I talked to him on the phone around 10am and asked him if he could be my parent-who-can-give-good-advice. And he was. Not only that, but our doorbell rang while Autumn and I were eating lunch and there was P'd. He had a balloon and a bar of chocolate for me! HOW SWEET IS THAT?

And Tamara and I had been planning this girls' night out for like a month. I seriously think it was, like, divine timing or something because I needed it! It was the first time we got her friends and my friends together all at once and we had a blast. It was everything I needed! The week before, I spent a little time decorating. I decided to give Cheri a call and ask if she had a feather boa wreath I could borrow. I had seen one at Liz's wedding shower and thought it'd be perfect for the girls' night. And of course she did! That's the one Autumn is wearing above. This one is the one I saw at Liz's friend's house.

I hung it over the hearth. If I had time and little more creativity, I might have done something better along with the wreath. As it was, I just grabbed a couple of finials from the bookshelf in Mike's office and a CS Lewis collection and put them on the mantle. The candlesticks that were up there didn't look right PLUS I had something in mind for them. ^.^ One thing I would like to do with the fireplace area is get a big ornate frame, paint it, and make a chalkboard out of it. It'd be great for parties. Can't you see a big "congratulations!" for showers or "let it snow!" at Christmas? Plus, this wreath would have looked fantastic in front of an ornate chalk board.

Lainey let me raid her entertaining supplies. I ended up grabbing a gorgeous brown runner and some brown and yellow jeweled candle holders. I decided to run with the feather theme and picked up a hot pink boa at Hobby Lobby. I took two pieces of styrofoam from my flower supplies on the attic, cut the boa in half, and pinned the boas around the styrofoam. Then I set each one on a tall candlestick!

You just don't even know how proud of myself I was! I love these poofs so much I might hang them in Autumn's room until the next girls' night or other party and I can break them out again! Oh, and I elevated the middle container by filling a margarita glass with beads and then flipping it over. I also put costume necklaces from Autumn's supply inside the cake stands where I put the stuff to go in the Nutella fondue I made.

Speaking of fondue, this was great because except for the boas, we were able to decorate and feed everyone with stuff we had on hand or borrowed. Not too bad! I wish I had taken picture of the food but here's what we had:

Baked Brie with Costco Mango Peach Salsa and tortilla chips
Costco Spinach Dip with pita chips
Quesadilla bites
Nutella Fondue with pretzels, strawberries, marshmallows, and candy canes.
White Sangria from Cook's Illustrated. I will have to post that recipe here sometime!

Autumn wanted to get in on the decorating. We put out a little table and before everyone got there, Autumn decided to put out some of her own beautiful things. She also left this little princess music thing that came with a book so that we could have music. Such a little party planner!

And I will leave you on an Autumn note. How hilarious is this gif? I made it out of a video of Autumn hula hooping before aikido at the new location!

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