Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Study? CHECK!

Well, if you can believe it...our home study was officially approved on July 12 and they are mailing our copy on Monday!! It's so crazy that it's a new kind of waiting now. But, I think I prefer this waiting to the paperwork waiting. :) I say that today, though. Ask me again when this has gone on for months!

I just sent the agency our online profile information which will go into their waiting families list. I wanted to keep the text as short as possible but still informative so Mike and I just took the Expectant Parent letter from our profile book, edited it, and added a bit about our family. We kind of figure if anyone happens to be tooling around and finds us they can always Google "Sharaze" and find out anything they want to know! Aside from that, walls of text tweak my ocd so unless the social worker recommends I add more, this will be it.

We also get to choose three photos and one can be a video. Almost everyone who saw our video loved it so I sent it on to be approved last week and, along with the email saying our home study was complete, the social worker said that the video was great! And she underlined great. Yay! Anyway, here are the photos we chose, the video in case anyone missed it, and our letter:

Dear Expectant Parent,
Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. Please know that all three of us have prayed for you as we all walk this road together.

God laid adoption on our hearts early in our marriage and has continued to lead us as we joined a church with a strong mission for fostering, adoption, and family rehabilitation. We have found ourselves beginning this adoption process sooner than expected. After our son Garrett was stillborn in June 2011, we were told we couldn't have any more biological children. Although we long for what might have been, we look eagerly forward to what will be and lean heavily on the knowledge that there is a bigger Plan.

Our hearts ache for your decision...having had to say goodbye to our son until we meet again in Heaven, we know this cannot be an easy decision for you. But we three are so grateful for open adoption because this will not be a forever goodbye and we look forward to sharing a new, beautiful life with you.

Mike, Sharaze, and Autumn

A Little about Our Family:
Mike and I met around Christmas 2000 at a local bookstore. Everyone was shocked that Mike talked to a girl because he was usually quite shy! I am glad he did because from the moment I met Mike, I was sure he was someone special and, sure enough, almost two years later we got married.

Mike and I have had a lot of adventures, although we are happy doing just about anything together. We've been to the Philippines, hiked in the Appalachians, skied in the Rockies, and there are still a lot of things we want to do. Our best adventure to date, however, was definitely having our daughter Autumn who was born in 2007. We named her after our favorite time of year, even though she was born in the spring!

Mike is funny and witty and although he is a little shy, people love to be around him. He likes books and trees and good food. Mike loves technology in general which is good because he is in charge of all the mobile devices at his work, among other things. At any given moment you can find him drowning in phones and computer parts or helping someone who is hopelessly confused.

I am, in many ways, Mike's opposite and I think we complement each other well. I like to socialize and cook. I mostly stay at home and keep everyone on schedule but I do some work outside the home, too. I teach martial arts to both adults and children and I do some freelance graphic design which gives me a chance to be creative but not out of the house. It's given me a chance to focus on our little Autumn who is a funny mix of her mama and papa. She likes her alone time but is a sweet soul who brings smiles wherever she goes. Autumn starts kindergarten in the fall and we are not quite ready to let her go off to school but she's going to do great.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little more about us!

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