Monday, July 30, 2012

Plans Galore!

Check this out:

So cute! We have some fun stuff in store. I'm really enjoying working out at Collierville Arts Academy. One of the great things is that I'm able to trade aikido lessons for ballet lessons between Autumn and one of Julie and Tom's kids. Such a blessing and Autumn is having a great time.

Even better? They are excited about giving us some more classes on the roster! I think that in September I'll be adding at least one more adult class, most likely on a weekday morning. We'd also like to add an evening class but I don't think I want to do that until Stephan's schedule clears up. If we get enough kids signing up for my Tuesday class, I'll be able to split that one up. I really hope that works out because having the huge age spread is a little tough. I'd like to have ages 4-6 in one class and ages 7-13 in another. I wouldn't mind doing the same at Mullins but I'm not sure I can do 3 classes in a row there! The preschoolers seriously wipe me out, hahaha.

Also, last week I ordered the study materials for three different fitness certifications. I really appreciate our TBS teacher Melissa because she and I did a lot of emailing to help me decide what exactly to do. I never would have been able to make a decision with so little worry without her! The big one, group fitness, will be a local test and the other two are home studies since I couldn't find anyone doing a fitness kickboxing or children's fitness cert locally.

I've kicked around the idea of personal training or group fitness for a long time. Since after Autumn was born. Now that I've started the process I feel...relief. Some of it is because I can stay in the fitness industry and not just for martial arts. And I'm not simply relying on Aikido to get my certification to teach. Although I looooove martial arts, more than anything I love teaching, seeing people grow and do things that never thought they'd do. And there's less pressure on me to get to shodan--which is great because I don't think I am going to make it to the fall camp. We just can't afford it and although the seminar is reasonably priced, food, hotel, travel...they add up! That's going to push my testing even further away. But it'll be okay because I'll be able to do some kickboxing and kid's fitness classes (at Collierville Arts at first and later at other gyms) to earn some cash. Some of it will go towards the adoption, but some of it will go to my training.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm going to write more about that later. Mike, who is way excited for me, thought it might be fun to do the fitness photos and measurements while I go through the certification process. I think he's right! Plus it's kind of amazing that just over a year after I was so sick I didn't think I'd be able to do aikido again, I'm looking at all this!

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