Thursday, July 19, 2012

We're Official!

Oh my goodness, you guys!! We're official! You can click here to see our waiting families profile on the Bethany site!!

And now we wait. :) And pray.

You guys took care of the home study fee for us, thank you!! That freed up what we had saved for the adoption to go towards the $2500 networking fee. And once our copy of the home study arrives, I can start applying for grants to go towards the final fee at placement...which could be soon and could be a long time. But, so far, this waiting is better than waiting on paperwork!

I have been posting this at the bottom of most of our posts but we are nearing the end of the month-long supplementary Flip Flop 2 Adopt Fundraiser. If you wanted any of their adorable items and have 10% of the proceeds go towards our adoption fees, here are the details:
A percentage of sales will support our adoption!

1. Click here.
2. Shop.
3. In the shopping cart, choose the fundraising group Sh. Colley Adoption.
4. Checkout.
5. Enjoy your items!

Of course, my Etsy shop is always going and 100% of the profits go towards our adoption fees! I can do any of the items in the shop for you but I am also available to do custom items. I actually have a LOT of fun with that kind of thing!

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