Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What. A. Day.

Bad Hair Day Cat -

Oh, my gosh. This day.

9am: Register for kindergarten. Autumn is weeping because TOO MANY PEOPLE, MAMA!

9:30am: I'm sorry, the birth certificate you have is not an original. We'll take the other paperwork but you can't sign her up officially until we have that.

9:45am: Go home, look in the safe again for the right certificate (how do I even have one that isn't embossed??).

10:00am: Call Mike from Lainey's phone because I LEFT MINE AT THE SCHOOL OMGGGGGG.

10:10am: Pick up the phone.

10:20am: Finally give Autummn the celebratory donut I promised her.

10:40am: Mike calls to tell me I can get a certificate at the health department downtown.

11:10am: Arrive, drive around to try to find a parking spot that isn't dangerous or 5 miles away. I find one only a block and a half away.

11:20am: Carry Autumn piggy back to find that EVERY PARENT IN THE WORLD has misplaced their birth certificate.

11:40am: Someone cuts in line. I stand ready with my umbrella just in case I need to defend me and Autumn in a riot. Fortunately, someone gets a security guard. Riot averted.

dueling it out

Noon: Realize I am lucky because the line is now snaking around the room and down a hall. Autumn is being wonderful.

1:00pm: I'm near the front. So many people are here that there are now guards (with guns!) at the door, in the middle of the line, and at the end.

1:10pm: WE FINISH and hike back to the car.

1:45pm: Yay, lunch!

2:00-3:30pm: rest/clean/catch up on email

4:00pm: I officially register Autumn.

4:30-6pm: We have a decent Aikido class--two new students trying it out!

6:30pm: Shopping for school uniform clothes (thank goodness because I find the last pink knit collared shirt in her size).

7:00pm: Come home, the neighbor we've never spoken to and who never waves comes over and she's spoiling for an argument over some dead branches on her property. I am extremely nice partly because I don't want a neighbor war and partly because she's right--we didn't realize the corner where we were composting some leaves was her property--everything but that one spot is ours because the property line is diagonal (what the heck, right?). Mike gets home at some point, we apologize, tell her we'll shove it over a few feet (still inside the hedge) on Saturday if she doesn't mind waiting that long and definitely tell us if there's anything else she needs. I think we even part friends because she said to let her know if we need help!

7:15pm: Mike pats me and quotes Proverbs 15 at me--the gentle answer turns away wrath thing. Not usually my forte so go me.

Dinner/Olympics/Autumn Bedtime

8:30pm: SHARAZE. I THINK A PULL UP WAS IN AUTUMN'S LAUNDRY WHAT DO I DO. Me: Dude. She hasn't even worn pull ups in months WHY WAS THERE ONE IN HER LAUNDRY?? We spend forever shaking out the laundry. Mike wipes out the washing machine and starts the load over again.

9pm: More Olympics, some time on the sofa chilling, and a donut. I think everything's going to be okay. Whew.


  1. You aren't kidding. Part of me is ready for bed, part of me is afraid to because what disaster is going to wake me up??? Once, the tension rod in the laundry fell down and SCARED THE CRAP out of me in the night. That happening again would not be a shock.

  2. Sounds like you handled it like a pro.

  3. I don't know about that Mrs. Renee, but I hope so!