Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Fitness Series

Mike had a pretty good idea. Since I'm about to start teaching A LOT, both aikido and other classes, and I'm going to pick up some extra fitness classes to learn a little more about teaching them, he thought it might be interesting to start doing another fitness photo series. We have one kind of neat thing to add to it this time around. Mike bought some calipers that measure body fat percentages earlier this year when he was on a big fitness kick. I think I mentioned that before. It's really great to see him excited about eating right and exercising, even if it does occasionally drive me crazy since he's so excited about things I've been telling him for years. Ha! That's how it usually is, though, right?

For anyone who might be new to the blog, this was my first fitness post: Creeping Around the Track. I wrote that not quite two months after one abdominal surgery and a major blood transfusion. I had just gotten off blood pressure meds. And this was my first post with fitness pictures, just over a month after a hernia repair: Taking the Next Step.

It's amazing looking back at those posts today and I'm so glad I chronicled that journey. I'm really feeling quite well, way better than I anticipated after all the trauma of last summer. I am still tire more easily than I used to but I am accomplishing a ridiculous amount of things compared to how little I could do this time last year. So I can stand needing a nap here and there and occasionally having to go to bed very early. Oh, wow, you know what? I just realized that it will be a year ago tomorrow that I had hernia surgery!! Craziness. I need to slow down a little more and be thankful for everything I am doing today!

Back to the numbers, though, Mike has started a document charmingly titled Sharaze Body Fat. We have GOT to pick a new name for that, for real. We took these measurements last Monday and we'll do another set this Monday. Oh, and click here to see the calculator and measurements spots if you're interested.

Weight: 109
Tricep: 21 mm
Suprailiac: 27 mm
Thigh: 26
Total Body Fat %: 28.59

So I'm average in the body fat percentage. I might do regular measurements with the next set of stats because I found that fascinating last time around. I'm pretty pleased with how I look (again, I'm functioning and in most of my old clothes, what's there to complain about!) but I wouldn't mind losing a couple inches in my torso so I can get into a couple of dresses I used to love. Here are the photos. I did an awful job photographing and I also did an awful job of dusting the mirror. T_T I hate dusting!

I took a picture in this dress I'd really like to wear but it doesn't quite sit right on me. I don't know if you can tell, I know I can but I look at me all the time, but there's a bit of a groove down the middle of my stomach from the surgery. I kind of wonder if that'll go away one day.

I'm excited about this new chapter! And a little scared because it seems like so much is changing with my teaching schedule rapidly filling, Autumn going to school, and Mike looking at a potential promotion. All good things. But a little scary. It'll be okay, though. We have the Butterfly Fairy to keep us sparkly!

Obviously, I couldn't resist posting that!

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