Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am beyond frustrated right now. Mike FINALLY got in touch with the office manager of the counselor who treated us so poorly recently. Click here to read about it if you missed it. Mike spent three weeks trying to reach her. He said the conversation was civil but that the office manager said she believes the counselor's version of events and that nothing was out of line. I shouldn't be shocked, I guess.

She also said they would not refund our money. We paid $100 for that session, in addition to whatever they charged our insurance because it was technically for Autumn and she hadn't reached her individual deductible amount. The manager said that even if the service was unsatisfactory, that we received it and while it is in our right to initiate a chargeback through the credit card company, they will turn our bill over to a collections agency for nonpayment. Which is their right, too, I guess, even if it is entirely obnoxious.

I'm not entirely certain what to do from here. We prayed about it tonight, even though I was extremely grouchy about praying, and I'm not going to do anything right now. Mike doesn't want to pursue the financial end because we are trying to refinance our house and get adoption grants and we don't need the collections hassle. But says he will leave it up to me to handle things like reviews and possibly reporting the counselor (who is actually a licensed clinical social worker) to the board of health.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Am I being too mama bear/Super Sharaze of Justice or is this something worth pursuing? At a minimum, I'm considering naming the counselor on this blog post and the first one so that if anyone Googles her, they'll find my story. My therapist friend says that as long as I keep it in "I" form (as in, "this was my experience, I won't be returning" rather than, "you shouldn't go there because she's a moron), reviews on review sites would keep it on the "not liable" side of things. But I don't know. This whole thing is just ridiculous.

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