Monday, August 27, 2012

Need Moar Exercise

A friend posted a short rant about people who wear, like, minidresses to funerals. It was a great rant but for some reason, it brought back some of the feelings I had at Garrett's funeral in a way that took my breath away. It's strange how it comes back real, I guess. Kind of like last week when I picked up some photos from Walgreens. I normally get them from Costco but I needed some quickly for a kindergarten project (already!) and Walgreens is closer. Someone mixed up the orders and I opened up the envelope to find black and white 5x7s of a newborn baby boy. I think I actually gasped aloud. Bleh.

Vaguely related, earlier this month, I came across an interesting article about exercise and depression related to heart failure. I think it's fascinating how movement can often help the body and the mind heal. I know anecdotal evidence isn't worth a ton but I've certainly seen how movement can heal.

This week I'm going to start focusing on studying for my fitness exam. I'm a little intimidated by the anatomy portions of the study guide BUT I BELIEVE IN ME. Ha! Mike did my body fat measurements. We did the first set like 25 days ago so we've been bad about keeping up. With Autumn's school schedule making things crazy, I haven't done a ton of working out other than teaching. But, last week, I went back to my regular schedule (except for the weekend when Mike and I were sick). All that to say...not much has changed! I didn't even bother taking pictures. Here's the original set:

Weight: 109
Tricep: 21 mm
Suprailiac: 27 mm
Thigh: 26
Total Body Fat %: 28.59

And as of yesterday:
Weight: 109
Tricep: 21 mm
Suprailiac: 26 mm
Thigh: 26mm
Total Body Fat %: 28.28

The change is miniscule but still a change, I guess!

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