Thursday, September 20, 2012

Community Helper Day

I haven't quite gotten the hang of blogging in the day while Autumn is at school. I'm guessing it will get easier but I've blogged post-Autumn's-bedtime for so many years that it's an adjustment to make time in the day! This happened last week and I meant to post about it but forgot until I came across this in my instant upload folder:

They had Community Helpers Day at school on September 11. The kids dressed up as people who work in the community, everyone from police officers to chefs. They also had to write a report about their chosen job. Autumn wanted to be a doctor so she wore some scrubs and a stethoscope Aunt Penny got her.

As you can see from the report above, she wrote that she wanted to dress up as a doctor because "they help people feel better." The picture she drew on the left is of her teacher, who has a broken foot. And Autumn is the doctor. On the right, she drew herself as the doctor again (I love the stethoscope) and then I'm in the bed with a baby in my tummy looking sad, and papa (wearing pants!) is there on the right.

She is SUCH a sweet soul.


  1. So interesting - so much you can learn about her by observing the details (like the different hairstyles!). Smart little lady!

  2. Aww.

    Garrett's smiling. And he looks a bit amphibian, but, still. Man. <3