Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Years! A Guest Post from Mike

It's our 10th wedding anniversary! Let's celebrate with a guest post from Mike!

Ten years ago today I thought my face was going to break.

I was standing in front of a couple double doors all dressed up in my penguin suit and I had the BIGGEST freaking grin on my face. (Seriously, I was smiling so hard it was actually hurting my face!) Then the music started and I walked into the sanctuary with the pastor, my dad, brothers, and friends and got in place to wait on my soon to be wife to enter. (Sitting here writing this, I'm still smiling...) I remember looking out over the crowd of folks all gathered together that night to help us celebrate and smiling at every single one of them. I recall being a little nervous but not too much really. Mainly, I was just so stinking happy to be there in that moment! Me and my big ol' smile waiting on Sharaze...

Soon enough, her music started & everyone stood up to see her entry. Which was great and all but being that she's not exactly the tallest gal around meant I couldn't see her! Finally I got to see my bride as she came around the corner of the aisle and there I stood with my big goofy grin. She was so elegant and beautiful...and I must have looked like the Joker. But it was an awesome moment! Man I was so excited and happy! We had such an awesome and fun night celebrating our wedding with everyone there!

Ten years sounds like a significant chunk of time but it also feels like it's gone by so fast. We've had some wonderful highs, tragic lows, and all of the in between. God has held us together, blessed us, pruned us, and carried us. He's helped us to love each other, support each other, and to like each other over all this time. May He continue to bless us and help us for the next ten years of adventure and life that's ahead!

So yes, ten years ago I did think my face was going to break. But I'm so very glad that after ten years of marriage I can still have that same type of moment when thinking about you Sharaze! Thank you for being just crazy enough to have married me. You are an awesome wife & friend and my life is better because of you being with me.

Many loves to you sweetie!

This was not the post I was expecting and I love it. Mike has been doing a Dale Carnegie class and he won a little prize for a speech presentation on a life changing moment last week. The subject? How we met. I asked him to write the story for the blog but when today rolled around, he gave me this. So sweet! That means the story of how we met is for another day. Thank you for being a great husband, friend, and papa. I pray for many more years of laughter and tears (hopefully more the former than the latter), travels and video games. And everything else in between.

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