Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Anniversary

We did a lot to commemorate what would have been Garrett's birthday. If you missed it, we had a guest post series that was intense. Beautiful, loving, kind, incredible and amazing and still none of those words can encompass that week of posts. You can read or reread them by clicking here. We also met Mike's family at the cemetery to do a balloon release but letting the balloons go made Autumn sad so we didn't do that. And yesterday I linked the gathering we had the following weekend with some of our friends.

Since I only mentioned the butterflies on our family blog (which isn't crawled by Google so if anyone wants the link, you can email me), I thought I'd share the story today. In the spring, I got Autumn one of those caterpillar kits for her birthday. The caterpillars ate and grew in the little container they came in and when the caterpillars made their cocoons in the lid, we moved them to the net house.

On Garrett's birthday, I sat looking at the cocoons before we left to meet Mike's family at the cemetery. The cocoons were pitch black which, according to my Googling, either meant they were ready to emerge or had some kind of rot. Not much help there, Google! I spend a lot of my time these days conversing with God in my head so I told him that I thought it would be an encouraging thing if one of the butterflies would hatch while we were gone.

And guess what? One of them did. The rest followed the next day. So many small comforts!

We enjoyed the butterflies. Even Molly found them fascinating. Autumn made a tea party for the butterflies and we put some flowers sprinkled with sugar water in the net house. Supposedly, the butterflies can stay in the net for their full life cycles but I felt really bad for them because they didn't have enough room to fly. The Sunday after Garrett's birthday, we let the butterflies go.

This post is part of the Capture Your Grief worldwide event in honor of 
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. 
Day 17: Anniversary/Birthday/Due Dates Share a photo of what you did for your baby/ies/child/rens special day. Did you hide away in bed? Did you have a cake? Did you have a party? What did you do?

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