Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maybe clothes DO make the girl! Sometimes, at least.

Early last week, I asked Lainey if she'd help me shop for a dress because Mike, Autumn, and I were going to the Children's Ball at the Children's Museum and I didn't have anything that would fit. I have 2 dressy dresses. One is too big and one is too small. She and I met up and she had me try on a bunch of stuff I would never have picked out on my own. Like all lace dresses. O.O But they looked good! Lainey is, for real, the best shopper ever and I have the philosophy that I'll try anything on once! When Lainey pulled out this dress, I thought, "Huh." Because it didn't look like much on the hanger. AND THEN I PUT IT ON. Holy cow. I haven't looked so good--or felt so good--in a dress in...well, it's been a very long time.

Here's a more full length photo. I haven't worn any of my high heels in ages. But the peep toes were just so perfect. Now, Miss Autumn wanted to be Belle but her Belle costume is ragged from wear so Lainey and I bribed her into wearing her Cinderella dress with some sparkly shoes, ha! I need to remember next year to put her hair up instead of trying to curl it. Her curls fell out as soon as she hit the humidity!! She didn't mind, though. Autumn just had fun wearing a teeny bit of blush and some barely colored eyeshadow.

I had a lot of fun playing around with my hair. I kind of felt like the dress needed some retro style hair. I learned how to finger wave using some internet tutorials and that was really fun but not quite right. So, I tried a more 40's style tutorial and loved the way it turned out! I also tried the red lip with more subdued eyes.

And, of course, Mike looked great in his suit! This is the second time he has worn that suit--the last time was at last year's ball, haha. He tends not to like events but even he had fun! Mike moved from his seat to the other end of the table so he wouldn't block anyone's view of the stage so I was able to take some photos of him watching the fencing demo.

He was actually really funny. Collierville Arts Academy performed a Snow White ballet and the fencing demo. After it was over and we were in the lobby waiting on Autumn to get her face painted, Tom said, "you know your husband is following you around taking pictures." I laughed and told him that he never does that so I know I must look nice. Mike even agreed to take a picture of my jacket! This was another Lainey choice. She got it for my birthday in 2010. I knew it would be cute with my new dress!

Here we are together:

So fun! I also had a good time Saturday night. A few of my friends and I got together for a late birthday celebration! We each had a pretty drink...

shared a yummy dessert...

And generally had a great time!

So glad for a fun weekend! I got sick Sunday and am still a little under the weather so I'm glad to get a chance to relive a fun weekend!

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