Saturday, October 20, 2012

New in the Etsy Shop

Today's Capture Your Grief day is Charity/Organization and one I'd like to share with you is CrossHeart Ministries. They do good work in Memphis and I'm hoping to join them. I'm going to make vouchers for my memorial birth announcements so they can put them in the boxes they send to bereaved parents. I'm also going to send out the link to the Christmas card I sent to everyone last year. Well, it's similar. The original one was 5x5 but that's not an easy size to print yourself so I made it a 5x7. Click here to see it in the shop.

The back is optional and a buyer can choose to have a blank side 2 or add wording. In our case, I used some wording to let people know, quietly, that we had lost someone. I didn't want our card to be depressing but I also really, really needed to put Garrett's name on there somehow. 

I have another card I need to tweak and then add to the shop. It doesn't have anything on the back but I might add it. We'll see. Also, don't forget, I'm always up for a custom design!!

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