Monday, October 29, 2012

Weird triggers

So, I totally had a meltdown before a Halloween party over the weekend. File this under "weird stuff I never thought would be an issue until it was an issue."

We have made some friends at the gym and they invited us to their annual Halloween party. I will take ANY excuse to dress up and Mike really likes his gym crew (I like them, too, but he likes them enough that he's overcome his anti-socialness twice now which is HUGE) so we decided to go. I'm going to do a post on our costumes because we had a blast getting them together but that'll be for another day.

When we arrived, we saw a spooky display in front of the house, although we had to park a few houses down. A cd of creepy lullaby music played. I rather liked the effect until we got up to see exactly what the display looked like.

If you're still reeling from a loss and feeling delicate, don't read any further, okay?

The display: a dead, rotting mom, rocking a dead, rotting baby.

I'm not sure why I reacted so strongly but I seriously burst into tears. I got to the end of the driveway and told Mike I couldn't go any further. He said he felt pretty funky, too, but maybe if I ran past I could get it and not deal with it anymore.

I made into the house and there wasn't anything else terribly disturbing until the guy dressed like someone from the Hangover, which I haven't seen, came in with his undead baby in a carrier. I pretty much avoided him as much as possible. I couldn't eat at all and it took me a while get my mental balance back.

As shallow as it is, this helped.

Because, really, if that can't get me out of a funk, nothing will.


  1. Omg. Where in town is this so I make sure I never see it?!? I am horrified as well. Proud of you for going past it bc I would have had to leave. Geez.

  2. Molly, it was someone's house in Cordova--It's really, really out of the way I don't think you would have ever run into or be able to tell what it is from the street or else I'd put out an APB to avoid it on the CHM Facebook page!! I am not sure I would have made it inside the house if we didn't like the hosts so much! We've been trying to cultivate friendships and it was definitely worth the emotional tummy ache which sounds awful but I'm guessing you know what I mean.