Sunday, November 18, 2012


I recently read an article about a lady who doesn't wear makeup and believes that by skipping that step, she has more time to spend with God. I don't think that she meant it to be a blanket statement of womanhood, like all women should eschew grooming rituals for holiness (I'm sure there's an argument for grooming rituals being holy!). At least I hope not. While that is great for her, in case you haven't noticed, I don't really subscribe to that theory, hahaha. I love all the faces and colors and styles that are out there. Everyone is so beautiful. I have friends who are earthy, friends who are glamorous and friends who are funky and every kind in between. I fall more in the fun category. I smile at colors, shapes, shimmers and changes. And there isn't much I won't try or try on!

Because I had the same hair for so long, I think I'm getting hair changes out of my system! I had so much fun with my red hair but when I went in to get a new do, the stylist and I really got into the idea of something new! Now, I am orange and red and angles! Also, none of these photos are great. They are from my phone because I was too impatient to set my camera up for Mike to use it!

Mike doesn't love the bangs and the orange is on the edge of how much funk he can handle so I don't think this is a permanent change but so fun! And Mike said he can cope with it because I am so happy. :) The cut is angled. The front edges come to a point, there's a small v shape on the right and a deep angle on the left and everything kind of sweeps over towards that smaller v.

Even better? The guy who did my hair asked if I might like to be a hair model for the website after the first of the year! My answer was OF COURSE and I really hope he doesn't forget!! Hopefully soon I'll have some better photos. This weekend we're going to dress up and do some family photos while Mike's siblings are around and can take turn snapping photos. Fun!

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