Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making the Saya in the Baro't Saya

I have really enjoyed my serger! I'm going to use it today to finally hem some workout pants I've been avoiding for some time because it's silky fabric and a huge pain to hem. But, it is getting cold and it MUST BE DONE or my legs will freeze. It was 32 degrees this morning and there were kids walking to school in shorts!! I get cold when it's about 60 degrees.

Anyway, I made a super simple 10 minute skirt with my serger! Autumn's school had a multicultural parade last Friday. My mom happened to have a baro, a gauzy blouse-like top that people in her part of the Philippines wear over a camisole. I ran over to Hancock where I got some pretty pink plaid fabric for $2. And voila! Autumn had the makings of the baro't saya!

I'm glad we did it because she was the only one with a costume from the Philippines--which they spelled wrong on her sign! The head covering is just a square of the leftover skirt fabric. Here's the top my mom had. I should have tacked the top under the arms to make big sleeves but I didn't want the top to tear and I didn't know how active the parade would be. This one's a little big for her, too.

Once upon a time, it would have been made of pineapple cloth but those weavers are more rare now so it'd be pricey to get a really authentic pineapple cloth outfit. Here's the full view.

I can't believe how easy the skirt was. A lot of times, the traditional skirt is a wrap around but I don't know if Autumn can handle one of those. It might drive her sensory issues crazy with how it sits! So, I took two cone shaped pieces of fabric and sewed them right sides together. Soooo easy with my new serger. Then, I used the rolled hem feature to hem the bottom. Last, I took elastic, stretched it over the waist of the skirt and serged them together!

I did make one mistake. I cut the elastic about an inch smaller than the waist measurement. I really should have cut it two or three inches smaller but for my first time cheating this way? I am so not worried about it. Yay!

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