Friday, November 16, 2012

More Etsy Stuff!

Well, I'm getting myself in gear and listing Christmas and winter items! Here's one of the Christmas cards in the shop now. It's a card I made some time back but I updated the colors and fonts to something a little more 2012.
Etsy link

I can't remember if I linked this before, but if you want a custom design or want to give someone a custom item--card, invitation, announcement, whatever--this is what you want to buy! My shop also accepts the Etsy Gift Cards they just launched.
Etsy link

The last of the Christmas things I've added this week is a banner. Penny asked me to make a banner for her Christmas photos and I like how it turned out so much that I made myself one! Her photo is on the listing if you want to see it. Here is mine:
Etsy link

The one on my fireplace is polka dots.

Penny's has stripes. And you can buy either!

This one has a funny story. I originally started this as a custom design for a friend throwing a party. When I sent the first draft, she liked it but her friend who helped her plan the party hated it so much she didn't want to work with me on a next draft! Which is fine but a first, hahaha. I had invested a decent bit of time on it so I finished up the invitation and listed it.
Etsy Link

And then I made a printable package! I looooove how this party theme turned out!
Etsy link

I still have a custom Christmas card to finish and I have zero inspiration on what our Christmas card will look like but I need to get it done. I really want to work on a dress for Autumn now. And maybe one for me. I wonder what it is about winter that makes me productive. The dress might have to wait--can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving??


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