Friday, November 30, 2012

Recharging the Happy Tank

Man. Today I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things. I am making a dress for Autumn and needed some tulle for the petticoat. I also found out our insurance is no longer paying for her occupational therapy, leaving us with a pretty decent balance on what they changed their mind about paying. That means I'm back to furiously researching to make a few things to help her myself. So, I got the materials to make this calming jar.

I also decided to look for something Christmas-y to put on Garrett's grave. Ug. Usually it isn't a terrible thing to do but I guess with all the people and happiness and "Santa Stops Here" stuff, I got all funky. And then this mom with a little girl standing (!) in the cart came by and she was singing an adorably garbled version of Jingle Bells. I just got my basket, headed to the checkouts, and left without everything I needed. I was about to burst into tears but there was this Salvation Army guy outside the store and he greeted me with such a big smile and happy hello that I couldn't help but smile back. Now I am home. I have my electric blanket and a mug of hot chocolate and I am going to blog about fun stuff.

On Thanksgiving morning, Autumn and I got up, had breakfast, and then we turned on the parade and crafted. Both were fun! I haven't watched the parade in years and I'm not sure Autumn has ever seen one, even on TV. Autumn worked on these.

I got the tutorial from Skip to My Lou. They look a little funky (too stuffed maybe?) but we had fun. Autumn drew and stuffed them and I sewed and pinking sheared. We have some more to make for friends but we'll get to them this weekend! I had my own projects on Wednesday and Thursday.

I'd like to put more stuff on the walls because our walls are pretty bare but I want to do it in a thrifty manner. I had these two canvases and the lights so I put together this little thing. I'm going to put some ribbon over the hanging wires and will post a photo when that is done. This is the link to my original inspiration. The project cost me about $1 since all I bought were the letters. I didn't expect the shiny letters to reflect so well so I am happy. If you want to make one, all I did was cut a small slash in the unpainted canvas (it was already white) with an xacto knife and I slipped the light bulb through the slit. Don't make it too big or you'll have to use glue or tape. I also suggest using either a deep canvas or lights with thinner wires than I used because it's kind of a pain to hang with everything bulging out the back.

Now, I am really proud of this one! It took FOREVER but I'm really pleased with the results! I took a styrofoam wreath core and wrapped it in grey and white yarn. And then I made coffee filter flowers! This is another one of those less than $10 projects! Hobby Lobby always has stuff on sale and they always have 40% off coupons so I got the yarn, wreath, and gold leaves on sale. I already had the coffee filters. Mike uses an aeropress to make coffee now so I've had those in a bag to give to someone. So glad I kept forgetting about it!

Here is a link to the tutorial I used to make the flowers. In the spring, I might try one of the dyed coffee filter flowers projects! And possibly one of the more complex flowers. I tried doing the kind where you cut a spiral and roll it together and that didn't look quite as nice and I have no idea why.

The chandelier is in the way but this is where I hung the wreath. That wall has been blank as long as we've lived in this house. I got the sconces on clearance at a little store nearby and that frame used to hold a painting that Lainey gave us that didn't really match anything anymore. I took the painting out and stored it in the hall closet. I really like it! I need to get candles for the sconces--and guess who has them 50% off right now, haha. Oh, and I got the idea for this wreath from this blog post.

All in all, although the holidays have their bittersweet moments, it's nice to remember how much fun this time of year can be. One of the best parts?

This one has so much fun being a helper. :)

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