Saturday, November 3, 2012

Semi-homemade Halloween

It is SUCH a lovely day today! Breezy and warm but feels like fall! I did most of my chores already so I'm doing this post while listening to Mike and Autumn rake leaves outside the playroom window. I looooove this time of year! I thought I'd go ahead and do the costume posting before it got so far from Halloween that it feels weird, haha. I didn't make anything for Autumn's costume, although I did rather want to give the mermaid a try. Lainey found this adorable costume, though, so I'm happy.

Here we are all together on Halloween night. I made the banner in the background! made the original for Penny who wanted a small one to hold in their Christmas card photos. I liked the banner so much that I changed the colors to orange/black/purple and the font to one of my favorites. Super quick and I love how it turned out.

This is Mike's Sherlock Holmes costume! It's the semi-homemade one. I got the hat for $5 on Amazon! The price went up right after I bought it. I didn't like how stark the houndstooth was so I used a cheap Rit dye to make it brown. Because Mike can't deal with being hot, he didn't want to wear his trench coat with the hat. I have to admit, I didn't love how they looked together myself. I went out to this great Salvation Army in the Bartlett area and found EXACTLY what I was looking for!

This is the picture I sent to Mike when I found it. I also found a tweed suit that would have worked but after finding someone Mike's size to put it on for me (ha), I think it would have been too small. I took the tie, opened it up, pressed it and BAM a DIY ascot! I didn't need it to be perfect so it was great! But if you want something nicer, here's a good tutorial.

It wasn't necessary but I switched out the original buttons for gold ones. A small change but I think it made the vest pop!

Mike already had a pipe and I got him a small magnifying glass. The magnifying glass wasn't a huge addition to the costume because it stayed in his pocket most of the time but I also bought it because it would look good on his desk as decoration. By the way, all that stuff in the background? It's Autumn's "hotel."

My costume started out really simple. I ordered an inexpensive white hakama and figured I'd dye one of my old gis blue. Add a cross shaped scar and I would be Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin! SO NOT THAT SIMPLE.

I ordered the hakama in plenty of time and the delivery window was before the party. But after the initial ship notification, nothing happened until 2 days before the party. There was no way it'd get to Memphis from LA in time so I went to plan B and started the refund process for the white hakama. I decided to be Jin from Samurai Champloo. He isn't as recognizable as Kenshin but he has a similar gi top and I already have a black hakama.

Dying the gi did NOT work out. I used Rit navy blue and the gi turned lavendar. Not gonna work. I recently got a serger so I decided making a gi might not be too bad. It wasn't! I used a tutorial but I didn't like the way the top turned out so I'm not going to bother linking it. I ended up tweaking the sleeves and the fit on my own. Don't ask me how, though, because I would not do it that way again. Jin's blue top is actually a yukata, I think, and if I did do it again, I'd make it longer so the bottom wouldn't show in the hakama slits. And one thing worked out very well--I used a gi two sizes smaller than the one I train in for the yukata underlining.

The white squares are some fabric I had on hand. I cut them with a craft knife and hot glued the shape onto the yukata. Not the way I would do it if I had more time but it worked out perfectly. I made Jin's beads out of one of Autumn's broken princess necklace, haha. And the obi? It's the pirate sash Mike wore two years ago! I already have tabi socks (I found my white ones in time for Halloween but had to wear black to the party)so I wore those with flip flops. I didn't want to bother with authentic shoes. :)

If I were really cosplaying Jin, I would have a wig but I think what I did do was enough. I also didn't bother with the right looking swords. I just carried my bokken. I managed to find a cheap pair of reading glasses at Target that look like Jin's! I popped the lenses out and had no problems at all. Oh, want to see something funny? I overshot the arm curve with my serger. I thought about starting over but I'm cheap (even though my fabric cost $2) and decided to cut that section out and patch it. It didn't show when I put it on!

So, there you go! Our semi-homemade halloween! Plus my mom who was hilarious on Halloween night.

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