Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving and some adoption happenings

I hope my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a good day. In the past, we have gone to Birmingham to visit Mike's extended family so I think this might be the first Thanksgiving we spent at home. The family recently decided to do Memorial Day Weekend together in May and do a holiday gathering the Saturday before Christmas to spread out how often we see each other all together.

Autumn and I particularly had fun and having her around and excited about the things we did (post on that later!!) balanced out the vague melancholy I had all day. Nothing bad, just feeling a little meh. Holidays are always odd because I can't help but think of the one we are missing. It probably didn't help that as we were leaving Mike's parents' house, a family friend came by unexpectedly with her newborn. Mike and I were walking out as they were coming in so we were really surprised when Mike's mom turned around with a baby in her arms. I managed to be minimally awkward but Mike said he was so concerned he was outright weird that he thought about calling his dad to apologize. A strange thing for both of us to get all flustered since we aren't often bothered by babies. Mike even works in the nursery again at church!

I think it might partly be that we got a phone call Tuesday about a potential baby. Bethany sent our book out of state to an expectant mother whose baby is due Christmas. She has some special criteria that match up with the criteria we marked that we would consider which is why we got the call about a baby several states away. We're attempting to keep our hopes tempered but it's kind of difficult to not live in expectation. Her meeting is Tuesday. I rather enjoyed not ever knowing if our book made it to an expectant parents' table, you know? We'd really appreciate it if you would pray for that mom. And for us, of course, but I know that she is having the tougher time of it right now.

Oh, and don't forget about our friends' $10 for 10 days fundraiser! They leave in less than a week to bring home their little girls. So exciting! And, um, if the mom chooses us, we might be having our own fundraiser! I have a couple of fun ideas but if you have any, do share. Anyway, have a page from our profile book. I keep meaning to put them up here and now seems as good a time as any. You can click it to see it bigger.

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