Tuesday, December 4, 2012


You guys, today was one of my BEST DAYS EVER. Look what I got to present to Autumn...her very first colored belt in aikido!!

She did such a great job. All the kids did! I tested almost everyone at the Collierville location for the first time since I started teaching them in June. We had a good parental turnout and everyone did a great job with very few corrections needed. I am so proud of them! I need to ask the parents' permission to post their kids on the blog but after every test, we do a serious photo and a silly photo. So, of course, Autumn wanted a silly photo.

The only real hiccup was the belt presentation. Autumn went first because her certificate was on top after I finished signing them. She was supposed to be last. Poor thing got all confused about which hand to shake with and which hand to take her new yellow belt!

I'm also super happy because stephan came out and sat on the testing panel with me. I'm still in that early stage where I need to uke for the kids (let them throw me) because I don't really have a student who can do the advanced stuff. With Stephan there, I could uke but still have someone official looking watching the test. I've been at Mullins for a couple of years now and I have a few students who are definitely developing into test ukes. It's so great to see the kids grow.

By the way, if you want to check it out, here's our new website. I'm still building it, and site development is NOT one of my strengths so it will take a bit but at least it's getting there! And, have I posted our new logo here? My friend and former kali instructor Will Dixon (he still teaches, I just can't train with him with all the aikido I'm doing) drew this for us!

He based it off this photo of me throwing one of our old students during my first kyu (one rank before black belt) test. I believe I am doing a koshinage.

I wasn't expecting him to use that photo of me so I was very surprised. It's cool but a little weird! I made a couple of practice tshirts with the logo on that back and I feel a little strange about wearing myself, hahaha. I'll post some photos of that soon!

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