Sunday, December 16, 2012


I'm eating crackers and drinking honey water because I have no voice. I do have a fever, though, which is not a good trade. I'm not sure what the fever is all about. I've had this sinus thing for a week zapping all my energy. I think I pushed my voice over the edge when I cried from about noon until I had to pick Autumn up from school Friday. Saturday, I taught class silently. It was actually kind of fun. And maybe I should talk less when I teach anyway because everyone was amazing. The did a great job! And it was fun tapping out rhythms with my jo because I couldn't count. I felt like an anime character.

We had a really fantastic Saturday night. I talk about this all the time but the best thing we have done since Autumn was born was cultivating friendships. We had our community group party and like it was nice being with friends in aikido in the wake of Friday's tragedy (a local police officer and mother of 4 was also killed Friday), being with our community group was wonderful. I made korean barbecue. The others brought sweets. We played dirty santa and about 2 hours of apples to apples. I gave away our terrifying lamb with a demonic voice reciting Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Mike gave a freebie bag he got at a convention. He also added a book, a regifted movie, aaaand a can of tuna. He return.

I didn't take any photos because we were having so much fun--I hate that! I did get a few snaps of the house before everyone came. I'm guessing the fever is partly because of the huge burst of energy I used up yesterday after teaching to finish cleaning. This is the finished Merry Bright Twinkle canvas. I did a Martha Stewart tuxedo bow and nailed the length of ribbon to the canvas frame. This made the piece easier to hang, too. I mentioned before that the wire spilled over the back too much and made it tough to lay flat. Hanging it from the ribbon and bow made it easier!

You don't even want to know how long this took. I feel like the table needs something else. Candle sticks?

I think the mantel looks better this year than last. Less empty, possibly. And, if anyone has any rug ideas, I am totally open.

Here's yet another thing that took far, far, far too long! Two things. I hate the phrase first world problem but putting up two trees is certainly a first world problem. We got the skinny tree that's in Mike's office when we were in our tiny house before this one. It's pre-lit and only has 3 parts. We still had the bigger tree we used that formerly belonged to Mike's grandmother who passed away before Autumn was born. The tree is in a box with about 100 pieces! Worth it, though. It definitely helps the living room feel less cavernous.

The writing on the board...I am not an artist. I can do layout. I can sew. I cannot draw. I am extremely proud of that sign! I found a chalkboard with writing and decoration I liked online and copied it. Here's the china cabinet. I was really worried about doing this but it wasn't too bad!

Here's the china cabinet with the table. Very festive. Possibly a little overboard. >.>

So I went light on the bar/desk thing.

And that's it. For now, at least. In the meantime, I am thankful for the people we love and who love us. And I pray for those who will desperately need the comfort of their friends for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Your home looks great for Christmas! It sounds like the party was fun!