Friday, December 28, 2012

Unlikely Things

It snowed here Christmas night. Not much. Just enough to coat everything with white and enough to tickle us all. For the most part, the snow was too wet to really have fun in but we had a nice romp through the backyard, making the snow fall through the holes in the table in the back, whacking tree branches, and leaving foot trails everywhere.

Autumn decided to explore over where we (not very successfully) planted strawberries over the summer and suddenly yelled, "MAMA, THERE IS A GIANT PINK FLOWER!" I had no idea what it could be but sure enough, a bush that had never flowered before and seemed randomly planted had pink buds all over it and five or six large flowers. I cut some of them and we have this lovely bouquet. In the dead of winter! I think these are winter camellias and what an amazing surprise to discover after two and a half years of living in this home.

I posted this on facebook and a friend of mine commented with the word grace. And it is! I feel like it's a picture of our holiday season. Or our story of Garrett. Definitely the story of Garrett. At first it's just darkness, sadness, cold...but in the midst of it all, a beautiful bloom. Something beautiful and uplifting, against all odds. Doesn't it just make you smile?


  1. :) It does. I like the little bud in the front that's peeping around the greenery. :)

  2. I'll pretend that's a promise for the future. :D When Mike's dad hung Garrett and Autumn's shadow boxes Wednesday, he told me I had room for 5 or 6. I told him someone needed to win the lottery. LOL.