Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Highlights!

Check out some fun stats!

Most Popular Posts:
This year's most popular posts happened around blogging events, with one exception.

First, we had the flip flop to adopt fundraiser. Three posts around that were in the top ten. It wasn't one of the top posts, but if you missed it, here is the conclusion!

Next, we celebrated what would have been Garrett's first birthday with a series of guest posts. You can see all of them here but these were the three most viewed:

The last of the 2012 top posts is our adoption journey announcement!

A few randomly trending posts from 2011:
Session 2 with the trainer
I am the Face of Stillbirth
Merry Christmas!

Most amusing search term:
goiter or fat neck

Top Referring Sites:
Hospital Mom (from an Ask Prudence article)
SheLoves Magazine
Small Bird Studios

It's been a great blogging year! More to come next year, starting with Christmas projects and a new sponsor!

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