Friday, January 18, 2013

First Sight

Meeting Grant Jaden went very well. He's seriously adorable and so very quiet, especially compared to Miss Autumn who pretty much spent year one crying! And I got to go with Grant Jaden and A to the doctor yesterday and he is as healthy as can be. Mike and I are going to bring him to our house for a few hours on Sunday so the grandparents can meet him and we are super excited! We talked to a good friend who had a similar situation with her youngest son's adoption and they visited and brought their son home a few times to get him used to the people and smells of their house and family. Makes sense to me!

I'm still getting things ready around here. I'll start on the nursery this weekend because I have finally gotten Christmas taken care of and everything put to rights downstairs. Autumn asked to keep her Christmas stuff in her room a little longer and I told her that was fine. Her pink Christmas tree could very well be a Valentine tree anyway! Blog-wise, I still have some posts to get caught up on and I think we might do a small fundraiser next week! It'll be a fun one so stay tuned!


  1. So sweet and teeny! He's beautiful and perfect in every way. So happy for your family, and for Grant!

    1. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to get to bring him home. :D He visited yesterday and it was so fun!