Monday, January 21, 2013

Great days and great friends

One of the big themes of this blog is friendship. How could we ever have survived and even, in some ways, thrived in the face of loss--not only losing Garrett, but losing a variety of expectations for the future around our children, my health and even just the idea that everything will be okay if we try really hard--without the support of our friends and family? Yesterday is on my list of best days ever and it's all because of our amazing friends!

First, let me share a sweet surprise I found on Facebook last night. I met Kenneth Alan O'Shaughnessy through my dear friend Christine. He wrote a poem in honor of Grant Jaden's adoption last week and you can hear his presentation here as well as purchase a download. Ken is donating the proceeds to our adoption! Here is the poem:

How Did You Become a Child of Mine
Kenneth Alan O'Shaughnessy
How did you become a child of mine?
You weren't dropped by a stork from the sky
You were not grown in a cabbage patch
Nor baked in the oven like a pie

How did you become a child of mine?
Not how baby Eskimos come
With noses rubbed in a frozen cold kiss
Til li’l boogers fall out in the sun

How did you become a child of mine?
Were you sent from Heaven by God?
Did Mommy and Daddy try really hard?
Do we tell with a wink and a nod?

How did you become a child of mine?
It was with travail and pain
Although you didn't grow inside of me
Except in my heart and my brain

How did you become a child of mine?
I waited until you were here
Then chose you alone to become my own
Because you were already dear

How did you become a child of mine?
I waited and prayed night and day
You are the answer to all of my prayers
And I love you in every way

Continuing the Sunday of Awesome...A brought Grant Jaden to our house to meet a whole lot of family members! I am so thankful to her. Everyone wanted to meet him this weekend but for a variety of reasons, Sunday was the best day for it. We didn't want to bombard A with 10 guests so we asked her to come to our house. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Here's Nanny and Boppa meeting his namesake:

And the day doesn't stop there! Last Wednesday, we went to community group and they totally surprised us with a party!

Tara made us a GIANT cake. Seriously, it was four full sized layers AND the chocolate layers had chocolate chips!

Elyse brought us some baby things...that outfit is toooo cute. Dede couldn't make it Wednesday (boo work!) but she stopped at the dojo and delivered an envelope--gift certificates for a babymoon!

We absolutely could not believe it but got in gear to take advantage of it! Autumn didn't have school today and Mike didn't have to work so she happily hopped over to Mike's parents' house and we went out! We got to go to Carrabba's for dinner and we had massages at a place offering a new location discount. Then we went out to see a friend's band. If you get a chance to see Monday Night Card, definitely take it! Afterward, we watched the BBC Sherlock (Mike hadn't seen the finale of season 2) and then, best of all, TOTALLY SLEPT IN. Seriously, I slept until about 8am. I cannot remember the last time I did that!

So, there you go. Best Sunday in a very long time and all because of wonderful friends and enthusiastic family!

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