Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So much to do!

K's court appointment is happening right now. Please pray for her because I know it cannot be an easy thing.

We are also going to meet Grant today. I have the blanket we have been carrying around and a lovey Autumn slept with last night. She has a pink lamb blanket called Baa so we got Grant what she is calling Blue Baa. Autumn also insisted on getting him something that makes noise so we got a soft rattle. Too cute.

An overwhelming number of people have asked me how they can help. At the moment, we absolutely covet your prayers. Here are the highlights:

1. Grant's birth mother: For healing and strength as well as a strong support system and the counsel and comfort she will need in the days to come.
2. Our family: That we can get the house ready for Grant, help Autumn with the transition, and bond together when he finally comes home.
3. Finances: I even hate to talk about it but please do pray for us as we work out the financial end of things from everyday to the final adoption fees.

As far as more tangible assistance, we have most of the big things. Car seats, crib, changing table, etc. There are a few smaller items we do need and in the next couple of days I plan to start bringing items from the attic to the nursery to make sure everything's still in good shape. If anyone has boy winter clothing, I don't have anything like that. We can also always use diapers, wipes, rash cream, and the like. When we meet Grant, I'll find out what formula he uses. I also have a scheduled pow wow with a friend to find out the best way to care for Grant's hair, haha. Of all the things to be concerned about, right?

Oh, and our sweet, wonderful community group is planning a short meal rotation just to give us a little time to spend with Grant and Autumn and not have to worry about grocery shopping and making dinner. Such a blessing to us! If you're interested in joining, let me know and I'll pass your information to Elyse who is coordinating.

Thank you, friends. This is simply amazing.

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