Sunday, January 13, 2013


My sister in law Lindsay had a dream Friday night that after her baby shower Saturday, Mike and I got a phone call about a baby.

What is up with Lindsay having prophetic dreams??

Sure enough, at the end of dinner last night, Mike and I got THE CALL. A surprise baby. And we are the birth mother's first choice.

We don't know a lot of information because Bethany didn't become involved until the baby was born on Friday. In 24 hours, our social worker and the birth mother counselor got a LOT done. I'll try to answer the questions our various facebook friends have asked...we do know that the baby is a healthy boy, about 6 pounds. We have seen a photo and he is ridiculously cute but we don't feel comfortable posting it yet. He doesn't have a name and the birth mother hasn't indicated a preference to be involved in the naming. That was something we checked "will consider." We're thinking of names right now but haven't settled yet so if you have any ideas, let them flow!!

Maybe Baby Colley is in interim care locally (this is all happening locally) until 10 days after his birth (next Monday) unless the birth mother expresses a desire for us to go ahead and take him home before her parental rights are officially terminated. The birth mother is asking for some visitation, but nothing we haven't already decided we're fine with: quarterly visits at Bethany for two years and the usual photo schedule for an open adoption.

We are rather in shock but cautiously excited. We told Autumn that there was a mom who might like us to take care of her baby and we showed her the picture. She said, "I hope this is our baby. It's okay that he's not a girl." Ha! We meet the birth mother tomorrow at noon. And we'll know more then.

A lot of people have asked how they can help. Right now, I think prayer and good vibes are the best. After tomorrow we'll have a better idea of if this is really happening, although the social workers seems really confident. In the past, she's been much more reserved than she is this time around. Provided all looks well, we'll start dragging baby things out of the attic, begging friends for baby boy clothes, freezing some meals, and figuring out the new schedule. In the meantime, I have no idea what to wear and while I asked the social worker if it'd be okay to bring flowers or a small gift for the birth mother (she said it'd be a sweet gesture), I suddenly don't know what to get that isn't weird. Ahhh!

Craziness! More tomorrow, I promise!


  1. LOVE this post!! Hope you're able to sleep tonight! You guys are fabulous and she's going to love you. And for what it's worth, I think flowers would be sweet!

    1. Lauren! Guess what! We're considering Nolan for a middle name. :D It's Mike's grandfather's name!

  2. cupcakes! someone brought us a little four pack box of muddy's cupcakes after our son was born and it was so delicious, SIMPLE, not overdone, but seriously better than hospital food :)

    praying! hugs from m!

    1. Oooh, that's a fantastic idea! I was thinking chocolate but cupcakes is even better!!