Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yep, Totally Planning to Keep Throwing People!

This is way too fun to give up!

A lot of people have been asking me if I am going to continue teaching aikido after Grant gets here. Most aren't terribly surprised when I say yes! It's a big change from how people were before Autumn was born. When I would say I was going back to my training, people would nod knowingly and be all "riiiight." But since I kept training after all the drama around Autumn's birth (I still haven't told that story, have I?) and even after being so sick with Garrett, I guess people have realized that I really am going to keep doing what I love! Plus, I do the administration from home, teach a few hours a week, at times when Mike or other family can keep Autumn (and now Grant), can it get any better? Well, I could make more money, but I won't quibble, ha! Not to mention that I could (and might) write a book about how aikido and my children's classes are a huge chunk of the reason I am doing so well today!

While all my classes are going to resume on February 5 (Mike and I are taking next week off), I am making adjustments. I was going to do my group fitness certification test in February but I am going to put it off until March. I could probably still get the studying in before the February test date but I don't want to leave Grant for 8 hours 2 weeks after he comes home. Longer since the test is in Olive Branch and it will take an hour to get there!

So, we'll see how thing go! Stephan calls this doing ukemi for life. In aikido, we teach people the art of falling, or ukemi. No matter how someone pushes or pulls, you can always roll out and rebound safely, going with the flow in a positive manner. It's a good life metaphor isn't it?

Don't forget that our friend Kenneth O'Shaughnessy is donating all proceeds from the purchase of his poem "How Did You Become a Child of Mine?" He has added two new items to the package! One is a recording of me reading the poem and the other is a message from our family. Check it out!

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