Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crafting with Autumn

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Mike, Autumn, and I have been doing surprising well these last couple of days. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I think it's kind of like that time period when we couldn't get the doctor to answer our questions about whether or not we could have any more biological children. Once we had our answer, it was tough and we grieved that loss, but at least we knew. I miss Grant so much. But at least we know. And we don't have to keep hoping and longing and living with our hearts on a string tugged by a not-very-nice-man.

Plus, it's hard to be sad when our Holiday Queen Autumn is so excited about Valentine's Day. Sunday night we worked on her Valentine Mailbox for school. She did pretty much all of it herself.

And you can tell! Haha. She insisted. I wrapped the box and added the paper trim but everything else is all Miss Autumn!

And, of course, all sides and the back had to be decorated, too!

It took us a couple of days, but we also made Valentines. We've done boxed Valentines in the past but Autumn really wanted to make her own. I blame the Pinkalicious Valentine book! I talked her down when she was making some seriously grand plans involving glitter and doilies.

We saw a valentine using pixie sticks that seemed simple and Autumn approved it. I took the paper above and printed hearts on the back and then I cut them apart to make it a little easier on her. She's still working on the cutting motor skill. She actually did a great job getting the hearts cut out! Much better than the stars we made for an advent calendar at Christmas.

Before she could cut out the hearts, Autumn had to set up a "desk." She does that a lot but this time the desk was at the trunk. The box is her printer and I *think* the little air freshener is her lamp. She's prepared for any cutting needs with her THREE pairs of scissors.

I printed out a list of her friends. I use Google Docs to keep an up to date list of the kids and their information! The parents can make changes in real time and I don't have to email it every time there's a mistake found or a transfer in or out. Anyway, Autumn wrote her friends' names on the back.

We couldn't find pixie sticks which was weird. So, we got some heart shaped lollipops and taped back the wrapper. I cut little slices in the hearts with my xacto knife and slipped the lollipop through and then Autumn added the stickers for the other end of the arrow! I love how it tuned out! I will confess, though...I went back and hot glued the stickers to the ends of the sticks. I was really  hoping they'd just stick but no such luck.

Today the school asked all the kindergarteners to dress like a King, Queen, Prince, or Princess for King or Queen of Hearts day! How fun! Here's our Princess of Hearts with her Valentine from me, a Hello Kitty slap bracelet. She's so fun. She played with that thing like crazy while we were getting breakfast together.

I went into the school with her to snap some photos of the kids before they got all rumpled from P.E. Plus, since I have to teach, I can't go to the Valentine's party. :( Lainey to the rescue, though! She's going to help set up in my place and be there with Autumn. Autumn is, of course, thrilled. And, if the kids at kindergarten are any indication, I am going to get a grand total of nothing done with the preschool aikido kids today!! They were sooooo hyper and excited! Autumn only calmed down and got to her early bird work when I reminded her that they can only pass out Valentines if they get everything done!

I should have used the panorama thing on my phone for this, but I loved getting to see all the workthe kids did on their boxes!! How fun is this?

And that's Crafting with Autumn!

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