Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Steps

Well, around 3pm we finally heard from Bethany. The birth father doesn't want to sign a waiver or a surrender. That's the bad news. The good news is that there's still some hope. My friend who is a former adoption lawyer thinks this is typical posturing. Plus some things came out during the interview with J that makes us think we might still be able to have his rights terminated. The staff at Bethany is going to meet together soon with their attorney and then meet with us to discuss our options. A has to prepare for her trip out of the country this week so Grant will likely go to another interim care home.

I won't lie. I'm disappointed. I'm heartsick and tummy sick. I was on the sofa with my electric blanket and the cat for a while again. Please keep praying for us. That our spirits stay up. And for wisdom.


  1. I keep asking myself why things have to be so difficult (I imagine you've asked that a time or two?). But grateful for a God that has the whole world in His hands.

    1. Ha! That's probably our biggest theme right now--why so hard? I was pretty morose for a bit yesterday but I'm back to feeling some hope. I keep seeing verses when I read about waiting on the Lord so I will.